Charlie Howell, Principal

Charlie Howell, Principal


Charlie Howell, Principal

Security Consultant

My mission is to bring all 25 years of my experience in the security industry
to every
project in the appropriate way.”

Charlie started in the security industry in 1989 as a security integrator.  Over the next 11 years he was able to elevate through the installer, service technician, service manager, applications engineer, and project engineer.  His focus on the fact that security equipment should be focused on its role in solving security issues/concerns projected him into the consulting field in July of 2001.  As a security consultant and design engineer Charlie has spent over 14 years serving clients in solving security issues and concerns through his services.  Some of those solutions were in the form of Owner’s Representative in dealing with contractors and some were as a specific design engineer creating specifications and drawings to be competitively bid.

Charlie’s experience allows him to provide a unique, or at least rare, service by being the one person in a project that understands not only how all of the low voltage systems sequence into a new building but specifically how all of the different elements interface with door locking hardware.  Charlie’s ability to decipher the door hardware specification, submittal, and installation for how and what electronics need to be included, interfaced, or integrated is a rare specialty that most projects need but few have.  Charlie is able to use this experience to minimize the pain of change orders due to the wrong or not connected door locking hardware in a construction project.

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We are excited to be celebrating our 25 year anniversary
in the Security Industry!  Charlie Howell celebrates this monumental achievement with his dedication every day at Division 28 Consulting, LLC!



Director of Marketing

Jenn received her Bachelor's degree in Industrial Design from San Francisco State in 2000 and has owned her own freelance graphics firm for over 10 years. Her experience in marketing and graphics paired with her knowledge of business development makes her role at Division 28 Consulting LLC a perfect pairing.

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