Division 28 Consulting, LLC is an independent security consulting and design firm.  We pride ourselves in being security product agnostic but keeping up with the latest security consulting technologies to suit our client's needs.  Our name, Division 28 Consulting, LLC is based on the security related systems contained within the CSI security section Division 28.  However we do not design Fire Alarm systems.

Our security consulting niche in the market space is the expertise of looking at Security from an organizational perspective.  The Security Programs we create allow organizations to instill security as a core element so it is not dependent upon one person's preference or efforts. 

Our other security consulting and design niche is the ability to interpret and collaborate the electrified locking hardware in a building / district / organization.  This service helps Owners, Architects, MEP Engineers, Other Consultants, General Contractors, and Construction Managers during projects that have access control in them.  Our experience with electrified locking hardware, ADA door opening systems, and access control systems allow us the ability to assist in the review of parts and systems to make sure interfaces are coordinated when and where needed.

You'll notice in our Security Services offered here at Division 28 Consulting, our professional knowledge of Security Assessments, Security Design, Planning, and Technology expertise allows us to offer the solutions to complex security issues. We work as a team for your organization to develop and design based on our clients ultimate Security Consulting needs.

School Security Assessments

At Division 28, we believe that securing students in schools is possible.  If all dollars had a value toward the four concepts of security, then security can be achieved. 

                         DETER – DETECT – DELAY – RESPOND 

All four of these have to be addressed to achieve security. Division 28 provides specific packages of consulting services to schools to assist them in achieving student security.  These packages are:

school security assessment package

school security audit package

These packages include a physical security assessment that identifies:
     -  Most likely threat
     - Vulnerabilities in the school campus, operational flow,
       and security measures
     - School Security Audit to the four principles of security
     - A list of recommended security enhancements to mitigate the  
     - An outline of a Physical Security Program for Schools customized  
      to your specific school

Our Security Consulting Story

We are celebrating 25 years within the security industry. Our ability to look at an organization or company and create a Security Program that drives all security elements within the clients needs as well as the ability to interpret electrified locking hardware specifications/part numbers and determine how and where they need to interface with other systems is truly amazing. It was with this focus in mind that Charlie decided to start Division 28 Consulting, LLC in the San Antonio, Texas region but with a service offering without geographical boundaries. Being a Nationwide company has allowed more expansion of the market for each individual client's needs. We are a trusted security advising team that can identify and deliver based on the needs of each facility. 

We have extensive experience in Critical Infrastructure Facilities (Water, Wastewater, Energy, etc.), State, County, Municipal, City, K-12 Schools, Higher Education, and private commercial facilities.  We have recently designed, project managed and tested secured entries, locking hardware enhancements, and integrated security system components for K-12 school systems.  We have spent over 14 years providing Critical Infrastructure and private commercial security assessments, designs, project managed implementations, and performed testing and commissioning services. 

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Security Program Consulting
Risk Assessments
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Crisis Management

 Stay Tuned for current events happening at Division 28 Consulting, LLC

Stay Tuned for current events happening at Division 28 Consulting, LLC


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